1. Speed of Construction

In order to lay a new driveway made of asphalt, it often takes 1 to 2 days which depend on the scope and size of the project. On the other hand, a concrete pavement project can be done for a lot of days longer to accomplished.

2. Cost

Asphalt is basically about 30% to 40% cheaper compared to concrete

3. Spalling

An asphalt doesn’t spall like the concrete ones do (surface flaking) that can be the cause of an improper mix design (excessive amount of water in the concrete), improper installation as well as salt thrown on the concrete in order to make the snow melt.

4. Usability

You may use a new asphalt parking lot or driveway usually between 2 to 4 days basing on the weather condition when the driveway or parking lot was installed. In the fall or spring season, the parking lot or driveway cures a little faster since the days aren’t as hot and the temperature at night is low. During the summer months, it takes much longer to cure due to the heat of the summer. While the concrete takes seven days to cure unless you’ve a high early mix that costs significantly more.

5. Maintenance and Repair

Generally, asphalt is much cheaper to repair compared to concrete because of the cost of the materials. This is totally true if the homeowners want to seal any linear cracks to coat their driveway or parking lot. The materials for the project can be bought at any local hardware stores.

6. Weather

During the winter months, since asphalt is naturally black in color, the dark surface absorbs heat from the sun, thus, it melts snow faster compared to concrete.

Asphalt Strength and Thickness

Nowadays, the world relies more on vehicles for tracking of commercial delivery and transport of goods from one location to another, as well as personal transportation. Because of this, it is very essential to install asphalt surfaces that are durable, comfortable, and more importantly, safe for long-term usage. Most sports facilities, shopping center, office structures offer major asphalt parking spaces in order to draw more clients and offer a more convenient, appealing and smoother transaction to the facilities. As an outcome of this development, asphalt materials are constantly improving and evolving the engineering quality nowadays.

The thickness of the surface of asphalt is determined by the quality and quantity of the subgrade materials. Typically, asphalt surfaces are made up of a layered system of numerous materials and each layer adds to the overall function and strength of the structure. Most pavements and parking lots are installed on a smooth surface of native subgrade soil. When the compaction and placement of the aggregate layers and soil, 2 or more coatings of asphalt are added in order to complete the surface of the asphalt. These 2 coatings often consist of an asphalt surface layer and an asphalt base layer. Contact professional paving companies for more information about the asphalt paving of your property. Look up sincityclubcrawl for more information