Floor Polishing is a tough job that even you can do with the right equipment and the standard knowledge. You can also have the professionals do it for you. Here is a link to their website if you are interested www.bestfloorsandingmelbourne.com.au. If you have the time and you like to do it then feel free to polish your floor yourself. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing so you won’t damage your floor. Here are some questions you may have about floor polishing. 

#1 What is Floor Polishing?  

Floor Polishing from the name itself is simply restoring the beauty of your floor. Stains that are unsightly are removed. It will be sanded so it will become smooth again.  

Bonus Question: What does a floor polishing company do?  

It depends on what type of floor the company specializes. They may specialize on concrete floors and wood floors or both. It also depends on the company what services they have besides the actual floor polishing. Some companies offer repairs, restoration, staining, recoating and coating services. You just have to find the company that can give you what you need.  

#2 How long is it until you have to repolish your floors again?  

If it is a floor that has a lot of traffic then the suggested time that you’ll need to repolish again is two to four months. If it is a floor that has less traffic then until it is in need of a revamp, you don’t need to do it every 2 months or so.  

#3 Is it necessary to clean the floor before repolishing?  

Yes, this is a necessary step just be careful that when you are cleaning you’re not scratching your floors. Take the necessary precaution to avoid further scratching your floor.  

#4 Can you change the finish of your floor?  

You can but it is going to be a big work and a big cost. You’ll have to find out what is the current finish of your floor. After you determined what are the necessary steps to make to remove them and then decide on your new finish. See more info at oasisnaturalcleaning.com 

#5 How long until you can walk again on your newly refinished floor  

It depends on what finish you choose. Usually they will put it in the packaging the drying time of the finish. On average approximately after 24 hours you can walk on your floor. However, since it is still new it is nice to note to protect your floors for the next 28 hours. Meaning do not walk on it with shoes or barefoot. Use socks or a microfiber slipper so as to not damage the integrity of the finish. 

Bonus Question: How long will the finish fully cure and you can say I’m already safe.  

It will take about 21 days for a finish to fully cure however you can walk on them with socks without damaging them after a day or two. You can put on your furniture after two days but avoid area rugs until 10 days. For more information check out https://lentra