Should You Stain Or Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are possibly the major thing that most homeowners want to improve to upgrade and add value to their property. However, what would be the best finish for kitchen cabinets? The option between opting to stain or paint will vary on several aspects. We have listed here the differences between staining and painting that you should know: 

Painting your cabinets 

If you want to have a clean aesthetic, then painting jobs could be the best option to take. For your kitchen, the painting would be ideal if you do not prefer wood grain or marks and want an ideal look. Though painting your cabinets would take several preparations, the outcome would be worth it since it would appear as if your cabinets are brand new and they will be attractive to look at. 


  • More water-resistant 
  • Could survive up to ten years 
  • Gives a more modern and sleeker appearance 
  • Wide-range of colors to choose from 



  • Eliminates wood knots and grain 
  • Less forgiving to mistakes 
  • Susceptible to cracking 


Staining your cabinets 

stained look could be beautiful to look at once you like the natural grainy look that wood naturally provides. Compared to paint, a stain is thinner, hence, it penetrates into the wood. This improves the wood’s natural look. The stain would be much simpler if you are aiming to do some updating of your cabinet by yourself and if you do not want to spend a lot of money on it.  


  • Natural, traditional appearance 
  • Can be retouched and maintained easily 
  • Could serve you up until 30 years 
  • Budget-friendly 



  • Displays all wood blemishes 
  • Dust could be more obvious 
  • Doesn’t look great on plywood 


Now, what is the best method? 

Actually, that greatly depends on you. Your choices entirely come down to your own preference and about what finish you are wanting to have to upgrade your kitchen. In fact, both staining and painting are great choices to choose from. Hence, you should not be worried because your kitchen would look great either way. To prevent damaging your kitchen cabinets, it is highly recommended by the experts to contact a professional painting company that can provide you professional opinions about the best option for you.  


Contact Lynn Painters today. 

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The Rules of Tree Planting in your Yard  

Trees are a great addition to your lawn, there are a literally at least a hundred species of trees you can choose from. However, there are some tree planting rules you have to follow so that you don’t run yourself ragged all the while with all the maintenance needs that need to be done for your tree.  

Tree Planting 

Trees are such a delight to be in the yard, it has a lot of major advantages and benefits that would totally befit your property, however, there is much that goes to the planning and maintenance of the tree like tree pruning, treatment and other maintenance and care needed to ensure everything is well.    

Advantages of the tree include: 

  1. The property value increases. 
  2. There is shade when the tree is mature. 
  3. It provides shade and thus it cools the place down especially on hot weather.  
  4. It increases curb appeal for your property.  
  5. It provides raw material for buildings and such.  

So, here are some tree planting rules that will help you make decisions faster and help you make a plan of action for your trees better.  

Know the Tree  

It is important that you make sure that you have an idea of what you are getting when you are dealing with a tree. You need to know if the height and span of the tree are doable for the space that you have. You don’t want to have it removed after it has grown because it is not conducive to its space. You should also know the nature of the tree just so it can survive in the climate that it is in. Visit postcardservices for more 

  1. Nature of the Tree  

    You have to know what it is like, is the tree prone to pests and diseases what are some things that don’t make sense for you at all. So, when you are deciding on a tree to plant you have to know its nature. What kind of climate it loves and thrive on, it is something that is important if you want your tree to be healthy and strong? 

  2. Maintenance Care  

    When you have a tree in your property it needs maintenance care, like pruning, treatments and other whatnot. Generally, trees don’t need it but if it is in a residential area that is needed to make sure nobody is taken out or is hassled by it. That sort of thing should be thought of before anything is done. 

  3. Consider the Space   

    As mentioned before it is important that you consider the space that you have. It is important that you make sure that you have enough space for the tree you would be choosing. If the space in your yard cannot support the tree then do not force it, you would only be wasting money in the long run with it.  

So, when you choose trees to plant in your yard it is important that you take into account the things that should be considered. It would be a little effort to make sure that everything is going to be fine plus it will help you go a long way. For more information check out freeslotscentral microgaming casino slot 

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